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We're proud to highlight several happenings at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish.

First Reconciliation

The Sacraments are a wonderful gift to us from God inviting us into deeper intimacy with Him. So that children can gain the full benefit of the experience, the preparation is vitally important. Unlike Baptism and Confirmation, Reconciliation is a sacrament that can be received as often as one wants, and it strengthens us with grace each time it is received.


  • Basic Information

    Children in Year 3 or older are eligible to receive the sacrament of First Reconciliation.


    Preparation for the sacrament starts in July with the Parent Information Evening.


    The Sacramental of First Reconciliation are usually in October.


    The programme is parish-based.


    Contact Parish Office for more information.


  • 2020 (Jun to Oct) Programme Dates: (Year 3 and older)

    Information Nights:   Tuesday, Thursday 7:30pm (June 16, 18)

    Applications due:      Friday, June 26 (at parish office)

    Classes begin:           Week beginning Monday Aug 3

    Class dates:               Weeks beginning Monday

                                         3/8, 10/8, 17/8, 24/8, 31/8, 7/9, 14/9, 21/9, 12/10.

    Sacrament practice: Term 4, Week 2, during lessons

    Sacrament:                 Tuesday, Thursday 7pm. October 20, 22


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